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Child & Senior Sponsorship


Commit to sponsoring a child for $35 per month

Most children who are born in this region of Guatemala never know a childhood.  Few receive the opportunity to attend school, but instead work with their parents in the fields as soon as they are able. This pattern in childhood leads to many adverse health effects, most predominantly malnutrition.

Your monthly donation will provide staple food items to support your godchild's family and provide them the opportunities while their child grows. Hopefully, health children will then attend school.

Senior Citizens

Commit to sponsoring a senior for $35 per month

Your monthly donation will provide staple food items to support an elderly person whose family is not able to care for and support him or her.  This program is extremely successful in preventing malnutrition and also provides some comfort to these people nearing the end of their lives.

A senior citizen success story:

Don Chalio's 90-year-old brother came to Vamos Adelante and told us that Chalio did not eat any longer, that he was sick and malnourished. He was indeed correct.  Don Chalio was so ill that Vamos Adelante took him in for several months. During this time, he was attended to by Vamos Adelante nurses and volunteer doctor.  His health improved surprisingly fast, at which point Chalio felt it was time to return to his work in the fields. Chalio had by then gained about 15 pounds and felt fine. He now lives rather happily again, with his brother.