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School Scholarships

Send a student to school for a year
        ....a $100 annual donation for a
primary school student
        ....a $300
annual donation
for a junior high or high school student

Vamos Adelante provides educational materials and school equipment to approximately 3000 children at 19 rural schools (several of which we have partially built or restored ourselves). At some of these schools, we also fund a school feeding program to battle the chronic malnutrition in many villages (see also our projects on Olla Nutricional).

The Project provides more than 1,000 of the poorest children with a basic scholarship. The scholarship allows these children to pay their annual registration fee, wear appropriate school clothing and shoes, and have all the required school books, pens, pencils and other materials, as well as supervision from Vamos Adelante education promoters throughout the year. Without their scholarship, these children would otherwise not be able to attend school.

We believe it is important to work together with local authorities, and have therefore ensured that all the schools that Vamos Adelante has helped to start, build, or restore eventually become part of the regular national education system. All schools that we support have received an officially recognized status.

An example of our work in education:

Thanks to Vamos Adelante the village of San Miguel Los Lotes in 1994 was able open a primary school.  When Nina, Vamos Adelante's director, first arrived in Guatemala in 1989 her career in social work began by giving HIV prevention training to sex workers and teaching women in prison to read and write. One of her students asked her to visit the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, which had no school. Soon, Nina began teaching the children in this village to read in the street. Together with the mothers of the children, Nina restored an abandoned church to use as a classroom. She taught two of the mothers (the only women who knew how to read and write) how to teach the children while she pursued assistance from government agencies. She developed a partnership with the Guatemalan government literacy agency CONALFA and in 1994 the school became officially recognized. Nina's former Pan Am colleagues funded the school. In addition, Vamos Adelante organized special classes and a small library for those with special problems and adult literacy classes in the evening. The school is now independent of Vamos Adelante, and all teachers are funded by the government.