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Salary a Promoter

Health and Education Promoters

Support a health promoter for $250 per month


Vamos Adelante has recruited and trained a group of health care promoters from the different villages in which we work. These women walk, on average, 8 to 12 miles per day carrying medications and nutritional supplements on their backs and offer counsel to about 200 families each. Several women have also been recruited and trained to monitor the progress of the students for who Vamos Adelante is providing academic scholarships. These women are the means by which Vamos Adelante works.

Education and Home Visits

All promoters conduct weekly informational sessions about nutrition, hygiene, and common illnesses.  Family planning education and services are also provided with the support of the WINGS/ALAS organization, a local Antigua-based non-profit with who Vamos Adelante works cooperatively. The promoters also do spot checks and sometimes reward adherence to basic hygiene with a t-shirt or other piece of clothing. The health care promoters (whose own lives have been enriched by working with Vamos Adelante) distribute donated clothing, vitamins, blankets, basic kitchen equipment and food to the most needy. At weekly group meetings, they report back to the organization about the most pressing needs, helping us tune into new developments or opportunities.

Weekly Health Clinic

Villagers who are in need of medical attention are seen at our health clinic in the village of Guadelupe El Zapote. Here, we treat more than 2,600 patients each year. Without our help, many of these patients would not have access to treatment, as the area in which they live (covering approximately 12,000 people) has no regular medical services. Our permanent volunteer Guatemalan doctor treats all patients free of charge and Vamos Adelante provides them with free or low-cost medication, depending on their income.

Patients requiring specialized treatment are accompanied to hospitals by their local health promoter, and Vamos Adelante pays for their transport costs and all medical bills if they cannot afford it themselves. On average, Vamos Adelante accompanies more than 250 patients to operations in different hospitals per year and more than 1,000 patients to dental appointments per year.

Volunteer Medical Professionals

We also host small teams of Spanish-speaking visiting specialists (dentists, gynecologists, etc.), who are willing to carry out routine treatments and specific procedures directly in the villages.

An example of the success of our work on hygiene and health care:

Nine-year old Lucia was born almost completely blind. Because both of her parents died in an accident when she was very young, Lucia was suffering not only from her illness but also from the isolation in which she lived with only her two elderly grandparents. In the rural Guatemala, a blind child like Lucia has almost no opportunity to go to school or play normally with other children. When Vamos Adelante heard about Lucia situation, we took her to a specialized eye surgeon in Antigua to find out if anything could be done about her sight. Two surgeries and several years later, Lucia now proudly sits alongside the other children in the first grade at her village's elementary school. Her life has changed completely through regaining her sight, as she is now able to live as an independent person and seek opportunities that would never have been available to her in the past. Lucia is one of hundreds of children and adults who Vamos Adelante helped to regain their sight through eye operations.... Lucia is now attending 6th grade in the Montijo school, an admiral level of education in this region.  She has a scholarship with Vamos Adelante.

Afternoon Tutoring: Libraries, Typing & Computer Schools

Support an after-school Tutor for $150 per month


Vamos Adelante supports a team of car

ing and dedicated teachers who spend five afternoons per week with a room full of children in small libraries built by Vamos Adelante donations.  These tutors help the children learn to read, write and to do their homework.  They provide an opportunity for one-on-one attention that these children do not receive at school due to the large class sizes.  Furthermore, most of these children's parents are illiterate and unable to guide their children on their homework.  This program is only a few years old, but we began seeing small successes almost immediately.  Children who were deemed “problematic” in school before are now passing their classes

The first library opened in Santa Rosa many years ago, in 1994.  It began with only four children who were curious to learn.  Since 2006, three more libraries have been constructed by Vamos Adelante, providing opportunities to more than 400 children.  The kids are lined up waiting for the library to open every afternoon following school!

Typewriting & Computer Schools

Students in junior high school in Guatemala are required by the national Ministry of Eduction to attend classes to learn to use the typewriter. Normally, these classes cost more money than students in this region of Guatemala are able to pay, creating a large barrier in their path to completing an education.  Vamos Adelante has established both a typewriting and computer school where students are able to attend for free or a minimal cost after school or on weekends to learn to type and to complete the national requirement.  Because students must pay a small fee to use the donated typewriters and computers, Vamos Adelante believes these training schools will soon be self-sustainable.