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Ecological Filters & Wood Stoves

Donate a wood-saving stove for $100.

To combat the high number of burn accidents and respiratory diseases in the area, Vamos Adelante has distributed more than 400 wood-saving cooking stoves.  These stoves also help families cut down on wood consumption by up to 60 percent, because they require only a fraction of the amount of wood that an inefficient, traditional stove demands. Furthermore, the reduction of smoke helps to reduce the incidences of respiratory and eye diseases caused by frequent and concentrated smoke exposure.

                                          Donate an ecological filter for $50.

Waterborne diseases are the primary cause of diarrhea and childhood mortality in countries such as Guatemala.  Vamos Adelante emphasizes the importance of purifying drinking water in every household.

In 2008, Vamos Adelante began distributing ecological filters that can purify a 20 liter bucket of water in approximately two hours.  This tool eliminates the need to boil water and doesn't require women to spend time maintaining a constant supply of boiled water in the kitchen.