The Projects

Vamos Adelante provides education, health and nutrition services to poor people in 24 villages in the region of Esquintla, Guatemala. The focus of Vamos Adelante is to motivate the people to work together on their community's priorities that they may become self-sustaining.

--  Sponsor a child in school for a year --

-- Support a malnourished child or senior every month --

-- Provide the monthly salary for one of our health and education promoters or our after school tutors --

-- Support the olla nutricional to fight malnutrition --

-- Donate a pig! --

-- Gift a family an ecological water filter or wood stove to improve their health and safety --

-- Fund the construction of a new school or library! --

-- Support our special needs sister project in Guatemala City --


We ask that all families who are part of our projects follow some basic health, hygiene and educational guidelines. These require that:

  • Families keep their homes and children clean
  • Everyone boils their drinking water and eats in sanitary conditions
  • All children are vaccinated according to Ministry of Health recommendations
  • Children attend school every day, on time
  • All mothers attend regular basic health and hygiene classes, where our health promoters teach them about issues such as common childhood illnesses, how to avoid parasites and prepare nutritional meals with little money, etc.
Our health and education promoters make monthly visits to all families' houses to help remind them of the above guidelines. Families who do not make an effort to improve their own living standards through the guidelines may, in extreme cases, lose their support from the Foundation.