Proyecto Vamos Adelante

Vamos Adelante's work is funded entirely from private donations (both cash and in kind), most of which come from individuals or foundations in Europe and North America. Vamos Adelante prides itself on its minimal administration costs and personal contact with donors. For this reason, there are no standardized newsletters or general information leaflets aside from this website, which was created by and maintained by volunteers.

Humanitarian Aid

The foundation pays particular attention to the neediest families and individuals, such as orphans, single mothers with five or more children, and disabled or elderly villagers who have no means of support. We have been able to find long-term sponsors for these families and individuals, who provide them with a monthly care package of staple food items and household supplies. Often, sponsors will also help their families with housing needs (e.g., buying tin sheet roofs) and basic furnishings such as beds.


Hurricane Stan, September 2005

Disaster Relief

When devastating Hurricane Stan hit Guatemala in September 2005, Vamos Adelante served as a main artery to bring governmental support to local residents affected by the storm. Despite mudslides, flooded rivers and dangerous roads, six tons of food made it to the region in which Vamos Adelante works. For weeks following the disaster, families were sustained by the foundation's managed distribution of food and blankets.
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