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Though job opportunities and incomes are not increasing for most Guatemalans, the price of basic foods -- such as beans and rice -- has increased more than 25 percent during the past two years alone.  A few dollars can be a substantial donation to help poor families, as the standard of living in Guatemala is lower than it is in the developed world. 

One-time donations as well as monthly and annual sponsorship commitments are welcome.  Please check out "The Projects" for opportunities to support families in the Escuintla Department through Vamos Adelante.  If you are interested in funding a larger project or an addition to the foundation, such as a library, school, housing or water project, please contact Nina at

Project  annual

 School Scholarship
Primary School

 Jr./High School

 Sponsor a Child
 Sponsor a Senior
 Library Tutor

 Olla Nutricional
 The Pig Project
 Ecological Filters      $50
 Wood Stoves
 Informatica Amigos

Vamos Adelante always welcomes financial support and other donations. The Project has few overhead costs so your entire donation goes to help the less fortunate in Guatemala. Vamos Adelante maintains minimal administration costs and values personal contact with donors.  For this reason, no standardized newsletters or general information leaflets are sent out.  Instead, regular reports on individual children, families or projects are compiled by volunteers and sent separately to each donor.

We can accept personal checks from U.S. banks for donations. If you would like to assist with a particular project, please include a note indicating your preference. Please also include your e-mail address as donations will be acknowledged by email. Your cancelled check or copy of your check should be kept for your tax records. Checks should be sent to:

Vamos Adelante
41W655 Main Street Road
Elburn, IL 60119

Donating Clothing & Supplies

If you would like to donate much-needed clothing, shoes, medical supplies, school supplies, or toys, our friends at Harbour International ( have generously offered to ship donations directly to us. You can contact them directly via their website if you would like to help. All donations should be in good condition.

 Following are suggested donations:

- clothes & shoes!                   - kitchen and bathroom supplies (pots, pans, towels, etc.)
- school materials                    - teddy bears and other stuffed animals!!
- beds                                    - computer and typewriters
- medicines                            - blankets
- wheelchairs, crutches

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