Proyecto Vamos Adelante 


 The Vamos Adelante Project provides education, health and nutrition services to the poor in more than 24 villages in the region of Esquintla, Guatemala (located halfway between the country's capitol city and the Pacific Coast).

Vamos Adelante is the only agency of its kind operating in this isolated part of Guatemala. The people work mostly on a temporary basis harvesting sugar cane and coffee. The average family has five children and there is widespread illiteracy, malnourishment, parasite-related illness, alcoholism, and other symptoms associated with chronic poverty. The children in this region suffer from borderline to severe malnutrition due to a lack of basic education and health facilities.

To address these issues, Vamos Adelante has established schools
and health facilities in several villages and has recruited local
education and health care promoters to work with families on
improving education, health, hygiene and nutrition.

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